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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Last Updated: 10/21/2019 2:28 PM

District Instructional Non-Negotiables ********Click For Link

Professional Development Request Form

Elementary Grade 3-5 Practice Writing Prompts

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Middle School Curriculum Alignment and Pacing

Map and Pacing

High School Curriculum Alignment

Map and Pacing

K-Prep Blueprint 2019


Family Guides for Understanding Grade Level Standards


Core Thinking Processes : Harvard

Core Thinking Processes Resource Link

ELEOT Resources


ELEOT Environments


Literacy Resources

Strategies for Struggling Readers

Close Reading/Text Complexity

5 Components of Quality Literacy

Socratic Seminar Resource

Socratic Link



Workshop Model Breakdown

Workshop Model - 2 example links

Conferring Podcast with Patrick Allen

The Difference Between Conferring and Touching Base

Workshop Model Professional Reading

Comprehension Strategy Sequence - Jessamine County Schools

Lab Classroom Observation Tool

Lesson Crafting / Mini-Lesson

Matrices for ELA and Mathematics

Thinking Strategies Posters in Color


Student Discourse and Engagement by Megan Mattingly and Beck Wright

Discourse and Engagement PPT


General Resources for Teachers [Evidence Based]

Visible Learning for Teachers [Hattie Work]

Student Goal Assignment Record

Protocol for Looking at Student Work:  Quality Work Lens - Dr. Carmen Coleman

Grading and Assessment.....A Different Approach - Dr. Tom Guskey / Standards-Based Grading

Classroom Questioning at Higher Levels

Fishbowl Discussion Resource for Elementary Level Students

2, 4, 6, 8 Collaborative Problem Solving Structure

Fill in the Gaps  Fill in the gaps supports students to review assessment data and set goals for improvement over two days in which they work to fill the gaps

Cornell Notes - Matrices for Organizing Writing / Work Projects

Cornell Notes


Web Resources Recommended

Better Lessons:  SUPER instructional strategies Better Lessons

Achieve the Core -

ASCD - EduCore - Tools for Teaching the Common Core -

DifferentiationCentral -

CoreTools -

Literacy Design Collaborative -

Additional Info

Workshop Model Powerpoints

Workshop Model - Henry County Schools Presentation

Workshop Model in Reading - Kasey Anderson, Oldham County Schools

Metacognitive Notetaking:  Middle / Secondary

Metacognitive Note Taking Resource

Educational Articles of Interest

Willing to be Disturbed - A great article that may change your thinking

Deeper Learning

Engaging Math

Guided Reading

Memory and Students - Outstanding quick read on students' memory

9 Elephants - Excellent Read About What  Kids Learn

Why Doesn't My Kid Have Homework?

Releasing Responsibility

The Challenges of Student Choice

How to Retain Great Teachers

Eureka Math Resources:  Elementary Level

Grade K Standard Alignment

Grade 1 Standard Alignment

Grade 2 Standard Alignment

Grade 3 Standard Alignment

Grade 4 Standard Alignment

Grade 5 Standard Alignment

Opportunities to Respond [OTR] Guide and Resources

OTR Guide

Critical Friends Protocol


Summit Learning Platform

Summit Learning Platform PPT

Xello for Highschool

Xello Instructions

OTR Resources - Opportunities to Respond

Data Collection Form

Data Graph

OTR Guide: Training

OTR Training Slides

Response Cards

Student Participation Strategies