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New Calling System

New Calling System

Henry County Public Schools has switched its calling system to IC Messenger.  The new system will allow for some additional features that we did not have before.


Types of Messages

The types of messages that HCPS has opted to utilize are:

  1. Emergency
    Emergency messages will be mostly used for school closings due to inclement weather and other unforeseen events.
  2. Attendance
    All schools will begin using the automatic attendance messenger to alert parents/guardians that their child is absent and remind them to send a note the next day if the absence is excused.
  3. General Notification
    General notification messages will be used to inform families of school and district events
  4. Teacher
    Teachers can opt to use IC to send email messages about such things as missing assignment and failing grades.


Text Messages

You now have the option to receive text messages in addition to, or instead of, email and voice calls.  Since some providers charge per text message, we are not turning this on for every guardian.  If you would prefer to receive texts in addition to or instead of voice and email messages, these setting can be changed in your contact preference in the IC Portal.


Contact Preferences

To change the settings for receiving email, voice and text messages, log into IC portal. On the left-hand menu, select Contact Preferences.


For each phone number listed for your account, you have the option of turning on or off voice and text for each type of message.  For each email address listed for your account, you can also select the types of message you would like to receive.


Please be aware that at the beginning of each year, we will reset everyone’s Emergency message settings to have voice selected for every number listed. 

Note: if you do not have a portal account and you would like one or you just want to change your contact preferences without creating a portal account, please contact your child’s school or call the technology office at 502-845-8606.

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