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Quarantine Guidelines Revised


Students or staff who test positive for COVID-19 should self-isolate away from school for:

  • At least 5 days from the day their symptoms started if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  The first day of symptoms is day zero
  • The person may return to school AFTER 5 days when symptoms are fully resolved OR AFTER 10 days even if they have lingering symptoms
  • If the person has no symptoms, they may return AFTER 5 full days from the date of testing. The day of testing is day zero
  • The individual must continue to wear a well-fitting mask for 10 full days at all times when indoors around others

Sick students, teachers or staff who are not tested for COVID-19 may return when their symptoms resolve and they are fever and symptom free without the use of medication for at least 24 hours.

Please note, student athletes will still need to follow KHSAA guidelines for return to play following a positive COVID result or exposure.

COVID EXPOSURE (Exposure date is day zero)

At school (classroom or bus) with required masking and layered prevention strategies in place

  • Staff and students do not need to quarantine following a COVID exposure at school (refers to classroom or bus, NOT sports) if they are NOT experiencing symptoms, but are recommended to be tested 5-7 days after a known at-school exposure.  Free testing will still be offered at your child’s school.  Schools will continue to notify families when a possible exposure to COVID-19 occurs in a school setting.
  • If symptoms develop at any time, the student will need to quarantine following the directions provided under “Quarantine.”

Community Exposure (outside of the school setting but not in the student’s household)

To further assist students and families to keep kids in school, we are extending our test-to-stay option to community exposure for staff and students (anywhere other than a classroom or bus setting or within their household – such as church, parties, etc..).  Previously, students who experienced a community exposure would have had to quarantine at home but they may now utilize the test-to-stay initiative.

  • Test to stay: Students will be tested at their school every other day during what would be the 5-day quarantine period.  If they continue to test negative and remain symptom-free, they will not be required to quarantine.  Parents must complete the Wild Health consent form (available on our website) if they will be utilizing this service.
  • If symptoms develop at any time, the student will need to quarantine at home following the directions provided under “Quarantine.”


There are times a student or staff will still be required to quarantine at home.  If a student or staffer:

  1. has a community exposure other than in school and does not want to participate in the test-to-stay program OR
  2. develops symptoms at any time following an exposure to COVID-19 OR
  3. has an exposure to someone in their household. A household exposure is defined as being closer than 6 feet for longer than 15 total minutes in 24 hours during the COVID positive person’s infectious period.

Quarantine may be discontinued:

  • After day FIVE if the individual is symptom-free AND receives a negative COVID-19 test on day 5 or later after the last date of exposure to the case AND is able to wear a well-fitting mask indoors and in public settings for 10 full days from the last exposure; OR
  • After day TEN if the individual is symptom-free and does not receive COVID-19 testing
  • Individuals that cannot wear a well-fitting mask consistently and properly should quarantine for the full 10 days
  • The last day of exposure is considered day 0.  If the individual is continually exposed to COVID-19 (ie..a household member that they are unable to isolate away from) then the last day of exposure is the last day the case is considered infectious.  Please reach out to health services at your child’s school to best determine the quarantine period.

The following persons do not need to quarantine following an exposure to a person diagnosed with COVID-19 IF they are not experiencing symptoms, but are recommended to be tested 5 days or more after an exposure and to wear a well-fitting mask indoors for 10 full days:

  • Students 5-17 years of age who have completed their primary COVID-19 vaccine series at least 14 days prior to the exposure
  • Anyone 18 years of age and older who are up to date with their recommended COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Persons who have had COVID-19 in the three months prior to their exposure, which can be documented

Thank you for continuing to partner with us to do all we can to keep our kids in school where we know they learn best, and to do so as safely as possible.

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