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Snow Day Policy

In anticipation of the potential for bad weather this winter, Henry County Public Schools would like to explain what our policy will be this year with snow days.

Last year, we were routinely learning from home and did not have traditional snow days, but rather used Non-Traditional Instruction days (NTI) and kept learning from home rather than have snow days that would then need to be made up at the end of the school year.

Henry County Public Schools feels our best form of high-quality instruction is in-person for all students. Not all families have sound or consistent internet access or the necessary support at home to allow learning to continue virtually on a random snow day.

Right now, the last day of school for students should be Friday, May 20. This gives us the flexibility to call several snow days and make up those days at the end of our calendar while still finishing school before June. However, if we are experiencing a high number of snow days (think ice storm or several inches of snow) and it is hurting our educational momentum and/or the learning process, we will prepare students to learn at home. If that is the case, we are allowed to use up to 10 NTI days, which will not have to be made up.

We thank everyone for adapting and doing what was necessary during the winter of 2020-21 to keep school going. This year, a snow day is a snow day unless notified in advance. So, when that first accumulation comes rolling in and we are playing it safe with our students, staff, buses and facilities, have fun! Let your kids turn off that alarm, wrap up under some warm blankets and then build a snowman. They’ve earned it!

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