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Heady to Retire After 30+ Years


Zach Woods, who is the current Director of Student Services and former HCMS Principal, has worked with Heady for many years. Woods said Becky’s greatest strength is that she care “abundantly” about this county and this school district.

“Becky began her career with HCPS in a more traditional time when instructional assistants, ‘secretaries,’ and other classified staff had specific tasks for which they were responsible. With Becky, Henry County got an incredible sage whose mind always worked miles above her position. She could always do her assigned jobs and then help others with theirs,” Woods said. “This strength as a problem-solver served the middle school especially well. I really feel she kept the school going in the 2000’s. In fact, I really feel she was the de facto principal/leader when I arrived at HCMS in 2008. She was a key cog in several middle school administrations.”

Woods said Heady was a determined advocate for students or parents who needed assistance, and she had an uncanny way of addressing their needs from both a professional and personal point of view. Heady said she is proud of the many times she was able to help others – parents, students, and co-workers alike.

“I have always found there are two distinct sides of Becky. One side is that professional side. She has a laser-like focus on getting a job done. She can talk school with the best of them and has a wealth of experiences from which to pull knowledge. She is a life-long learner in the truest sense. She strives to see how things work, why things are the way they are and wants to know how to personally accomplish tasks,” Woods said. “The other side, which she is able to interchange with her professional side, is the personal side. She can have a personal conversation with you while right in the middle of a job task. She remembers things about you and listens well. Then, she can jump right back into her work. She has never been one who is afraid to embarrass herself for the cause. At the middle school, any opportunity to dress up and look silly for the students, she was all in.”

In her retirement, Heady plans to find new ventures, like being more involved at church and spending more time with family and friends, and working on some projects around the house. She said she will miss the friendships she has developed over the years, but will also miss playing a role in the lives of so many students.

“I’ll miss the sense of being a part of something bigger than myself and feeling like I made a difference,” Heady said.

Woods and all Heady’s co-workers and parents and students that she’s served for more than 30 years will vouch that she has made a difference in countless lives. She focused on her work as if it were a calling.

“Becky has a long life ahead of her and lots of adventures in store and new recipes to invent,” Woods said with a nod to Becky’s penchant for impromptu cooking. “But what she has done for HCPS over these 30 years has earned her several jewels for her heavenly crown. Some missionaries are called to Indonesia; some are called to Siberia. Becky was called to Henry County Public Schools and has been a beacon of hope for families, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen for employees. She is an exceptional educator.”

Heady admits that when she began working for HCPS over 30 years ago, she wasn’t sure how long she would stay and she certainly didn’t think she’d spend her entire career with the district.

“So, make the best of every opportunity whether it seems worthwhile at the time or not,” Heady said. “Look back, often, and learn from your mistakes AND successes and use that information to guide yourself in the future.”

Although she will be greatly missed, please join us in wishing Becky well as she begins this new chapter of her life.

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