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Provided Data and Decision-Making Process Regarding COVID


2. HOW will HCPS determine to move to NTI or Online Learning Academy (OLA) for all students?

  • Daily school COVID numbers: As of Oct. 27, we have five (5) students out of approximately 2,300 students and staff who have identified as positive for COVID-19. 
  • Learning options in place: 77% of our students are involved with in-person learning, while 23% of our students are involved with at-home learning either NTI or OLA. This option was offered to parents at the beginning of the school year. 
  • Mitigation factors that are successful: handwashing, masks, hand sanitizer in every classroom, physical distancing, classroom seating charts for contact tracing, etc. 
  • The COVID-19 Mode of Instruction Metrics for K-12 Education is a framework of guidance for schools to utilize for decision-making. This is ONE factor out of the many to help guide our decisions. It is a recommendation and not a mandate. 
  • Community health numbers as provided by the North Central District Health Department
  • State health numbers as reported by the Kentucky Department of Public Health on the COVID-19 Current Incidence Rate Map

3.  WHEN will decisions about returning to NTI or OLA be made?

  • After reviewing the many factors listed above, HCPS could determine to close one classroom, one building, or the entire district based on the number of cases at any time. Parents should always be prepared with alternate plans.
  • After reviewing the many factors listed above, HCPS could determine to return to NTI, if our community rate, the KY Covid-19 Current Incidence Rate, and our school numbers are increasing at an excessive rate. 
  • HCPS will evaluate the above factors daily to determine what is best for our students. Should a classroom, building, or district go to NTI, we will give at least 24 hours notice. 

4. The HCPS District Health Report is a new feature appearing on our website daily starting Oct. 27. You will be provided with a snapshot of our district as it relates to COVID positive cases and required quarantines for both students and staff, sorted by school. Things to note:

  • This document will be updated every morning with data from the previous day. 
  • The data is provided as reported to HCPS.
  • Data provided on a Monday could be higher than other days because it reflects weekend notifications.
  • The data listed each day is not a cumulative report. It is specific to that particular day.
  • We cannot, by law, reveal a student’s name, grade or teacher. We can only divulge the student’s school. Students and families who need to be made aware of a positive COVID case will receive a direct communication with recommendations about quarantine periods or other suggested actions to take such as being tested for COVID.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our student health policies or our reporting practices, please call (502) 845-8621.

You can also access additional school-specific COVID data by visiting and clicking on K-12 School Public Health Report.

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