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Attendance Policy Clarified

In the district’s reopening plans, we stressed to all families that we encourage parents to err on the side of caution and choose not to send their children to school with any degree of illness or symptom. We want students who exhibit any health concerns that are kept home to be without undue worry about truancy, number of allowed excused absences or parent notes. While we still want documentation on absences, your child’s school will make every effort to excuse absences for those students that are forced to miss in-person school days for an excessive period of time IF that student completes all required school work.

Families can still be charged with truancy if the student attends in-person classes but misses the required days without excuses or is not participating in classes and this lack of participation is causing the student to fail academically. Schools will still be sending out three and six-day absence letters, initiating home visits and working with the office of the courts to hold families and students responsible for their education.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s attendance and participation, please contact your school. Thank you for your support, cooperation and patience this school year. We continue to adapt to the situation and will pass along pertinent information as it is made available. 

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