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Fall Sports Fan Guidelines

Fan Expectations/Information

  • All fans are required by the KHSAA to wear a mask at all times (except when eating or drinking) while attending any event at our athletic facilities.
  • No one except the team and team personnel will be allowed in team areas/sidelines. 
  • Fans will be screened for symptoms, have their temperature taken, and provide their contact information as they enter all athletic events. 
  • No one with a temperature of 100.4+ will be allowed to attend any athletic event. 
  • Fans will be expected to sit with their family group distanced from other people in areas designated for fan seating. If an individual is by his/herself self they must sit distanced from others. 
  • Concessions will be sold with a limited menu which will include drinks and pre-packaged food. 
  • Kids under the ninth grade must be accompanied and sit with an adult/family. 
  • There will be no student sections of any kind. Students are allowed to purchase passes to the game but must sit with their families or distanced from others. 
  • Seating in the bleachers will be taped off indicating areas where seating is not allowed. 
  • We ask that fans remain in their seats at all times except to use the bathroom or go to the concession stand. There will be no walking the track or kids up running around during events.
  • For soccer and football games seating will be both in the bleachers or in the grass around the track as always. This will allow for more distancing for fans. Areas will be marked where seating is not allowed. 
  • All volleyball games will be played in the big gym. 
  • Only the team and support staff will be allowed on the field or the gym floor before, during, and after the game. 
  • When the event is over, everyone must exit the facility. There will be no congregating after the game.
  • Gates will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. The gate will open at 6:30 for Friday night football games. 


  • Attendance will be limited for all home athletic events. 
  • All tickets will be $5 each. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE!
  • Opposing teams will be provided two tickets per player for parents/guardians. The opposing coach/AD will provide a list of those names prior to the event. 
  • The home team (including cheerleaders, etc.) will be provided two tickets per player (for parents or guardians) that they are guaranteed to get in the game. Each team will provide that list of attendees with their contact information prior to each game. ***
  • For all others wanting to attend (siblings, students, grandparents, etc.) there will be a predetermined amount of sports specific season passes for sale for each sport. We strongly encourage you to buy these passes. These will be NON-refundable but will guarantee you a spot into each game for the sport specific to that pass. The cost of the passes will be in relation to how many home games the sport has. For example, high school football has 5 home games so the cost of the pass will be $25. When you buy a pass your name and contact information will be assigned to that pass number to make for more efficient entry to each game. Passes will be available this week.***
  • Passes will go on sale this week. You can pay for these with either a cash or check. 
  • There will be very few, if any, general admission tickets available this year due to the KHSAA restrictions and guidelines.

***Denotes high school sports only. Due to the limited number of home games middle school sports will not have general admission passes and each athlete will be assigned a certain number of tickets for each home game. Your coach will be given specific details.  All other expectations will apply.

Season Passes

Each sport will have its own pass. The price will be based on the number of home games for that sport. It is non-refundable but will guarantee you a spot in every regular-season high school home game. Everyone who purchases a pass will be tied to that specific pass number for contact tracing purposes. Your name and phone number will be taken when you purchase a pass.

Football $25
Volleyball $25
Soccer $30

Volleyball passes are on sale tonight through tonight’s game.

Soccer and football passes will go on sale tomorrow. You can get them from 8:30-4:00 tomorrow at the high school.

Please bring exact change or a check for the passes.

There will be no passes for middle school games. Each middle school player will be given a set number of tickets for the game.

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