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Meals Will be Provided through Oct. 2


There are a few notable differences between the National School Lunch Program and the Summer Feeding Program.
1. Meals are only available to students enrolled in Henry County Public Schools. Because their first day is Sept. 2, students enrolled in the Early Childhood Center will not be eligible to pick up meals until then. Meals for preschoolers are available Monday through Thursday.
2. We are required to ensure that there is a “medium of exchange” between our staff and your child. For example: We have to see your child physically obtain the meal OR if the child will not be at the site for pickup, parents/guardians will be required to provide the student’s name, school and lunch number. The student’s lunch number will be given to the parent/guardian on a notecard upon arrival of the first meal pick-up. From that point forward, parents will be required to bring that notecard to meal pick-ups, or remember and provide their child’s lunch number when picking up meals.

In order to prepare the correct number of meals for each pickup location, we ask that you complete a Google survey at the following link: By completing the form, you are opting to receive daily meals of breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday, from Henry County Public Schools at a particular location. If you do not complete this form prior to August 24 and arrive at a pickup location to collect a meal, you will be asked to complete this form before we can provide you with a meal.

Some of our schools will serve as meal pickup locations, and we also offer mobile pickup locations on WiFi-enabled buses in areas of the county with poor internet connectivity. Meals can be picked up from New Castle Elementary School, Henry County High School and Eastern Elementary School from 10am to noon, Monday through Friday. Mobile bus locations for meal pickup Monday through Friday include: Pleasureville City Hall, Cowboys in Pendleton and Turners Station Christian Church from 9am to 12pm; Lockport Baptist Church Pavilion from 9:30am to 12pm; and Campbellsburg Baptist Church from 9:30 to 10am (meal delivery only, no WiFi on this bus). Under extreme extenuating circumstances, we may be able to offer limited home delivery.

We’re pleased to be able to again offer daily meals to our students, even though it won’t be in our school cafeterias! If you have questions about our meal program, please call HCPS’ School Nutrition Department at 845-8600. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in this way.

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