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Marsh wins essay contest

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In the annual NREA Foundation Essay Contest, Marsh answered the following prompt: “Write a persuasive essay to encourage other students to attend your school.  Explain why your school is the best.  Why is your school so great that others would want to attend?” His national award-winning essay follows:

Campbellsburg Elementary School: Best of Rural Schools
By William Marsh

The Constitution states that everyone can have an education. But can it be an awesome education? Well Campbellsburg will provide the essentials needed to live in society, but with a smiley face on report cards. Lessons are consistent, kids are safely kept during school hours, and supply is provided by the school. By the time you finish reading this writing piece your socks will have been blown off. Any student would be lucky to attend this elementary school.

You as a fellow student must understand that you need to listen in class or you’ll be cramming all night. But here at CES you’ll never forget a lesson from the moment you sit down. Teachers most of the time have an interesting lesson plan that will be sure to stick to your thoughts. You’ll be so ready for the test you’ll be waiting for it on the weekend. So the point is I assure you you'll do great at our school thanks to our lesson plans.

If you are a school principal you want to insure that kids are safe at your school. But here at CES you are as safe as a...uh at CES. Kids are safely transported to school by a bus or your own parents if they want. But once you step foot here you’ll be really, certainly, positively safe. Our school secretary Ms. Gayla is very watchful of what goes on here at school. So you'll definitely be safe so that's one less thing to worry about while you’re working.

For a matter of fact you probably know supply is everything for subjects like math and reading. But how many kids have Chromebooks to help them learn. Lunch is even provided, too to get your gears grinding to learn. Pencils and notebooks will be needed for donations but we do have a library for all your reading needs. Supplies are essential when learning but you have all you need right here at CES.

In conclusion the facts you’ve seen don’t lie; CES is the best! You know how the lessons go, how kids are safe at our school, and the needs provided by our rural school. Hands down we’re one of the best in the Henry County district. Our school could sure use a place for you or others for that matter. Why go to a private school when you can have the best of the best? CES, best of rural schools.

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