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Powell to Present


Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google. The goal of Google Sites is for anyone to be able to create simple web sites that support collaboration between different editors.

“Google Sites is like a class website on Google classroom,” Powell explained. “All your curriculum can be on Google Sites. Students can access different pages and slides, all your notes, and you can imbed pictures or videos that link them to another website. It’s kind of an interactive informational page, and it’s very easy to manipulate.”

Powell said the benefit of using Google Sites for teachers is that it effectively organizes all the information needed for a unit. Everything is in one place, where students can access it during or outside of class. Teachers can also load material that they may not cover in class, but through Google Sites students can access it on their own time for enrichment.

“I just learned how to do it, so I’ve just started using it mainly in my arts and humanities class in one of our units,” Powell said. “Most of my students said they had not seen Google Sites before, so it was something new for them too. They thought it was really neat.”

Powell’s presentations will provide the basics of Google Sites – what it is, how teachers can use it in their classroom and how to create one. His hands-on presentation will give teachers an opportunity to design the beginnings of their own Google Site to take back into their classrooms in the fall.

Powell will present on Google Sites at the Innovations for Learning conference in June, and at Teach Meet in July. Although he’ll be giving up some of his summer to present and attend at the conferences, Powell, who has about 20 years of teaching experience and is finishing his first year at HCHS, looks forward to the opportunity.

“I’ve learned some neat stuff lately, and I thought you know, I just want to go share some of this,” Powell, who teaches Spanish and arts and humanities, said. “It’s fun. I’ll present something, but then you can learn a lot of things you can use in the classroom when you’re with other educators. Then you grow as a professional.”

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