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TSA Results

The snake was driven by hydraulics and its prey, a mouse, was driven by a chain and gears. With the press of a button a narrator told the history of the Green Mamba. The trio worked from the brainstorming phase, throwing out several ideas through the completion phase as a team, often on weekends.

“This was the first time Henry County entered the competition and they were up against some very experienced teams,” said TSA sponsor and HCHS technical education teacher Andrew Shearer. “It was with great pride that their dedication brought home the first place prize.”

The board game design challenge was new to Shearer’s group, as were all three members of the team. Jordan Hicks, Trenton Morrison and Bailey Justice joined the crew just this year. On their own initiative, the team pushed their knowledge of CorelDraw (graphics program), worked through the design and problem solving process, learned how to 3D print parts, learned how to use the laser engraver and wrote both the rules to this new game as well as 90 playing cards.

In the game, “Treasure Quest,” each player, depicted as a pirate who has lost his or her ship to a shipwreck, must navigate the game to earn enough money to buy a new ship. Every aspect of the game from the objective, to rules to the board and game pieces was created by the team.

“The finished product simply stunned the judges who had nothing but praise for the team. Pictures cannot describe the quality of this creation,” Shearer said. “They spent countless hours, often after school until 5 in the afternoon and several weekends.”

Shearer said his team of TSA participants continues to grow, and he looks forward to next year to see what can still be accomplished by his talented students.

“There are events for everyone and all interest areas ranging from fashion design to public speaking and construction to dragster design,” Shearer said, mentioning that there are about 46 events for either teams or individuals. “We grow each year, and the students continue to push the envelope of our current capabilities which helps keep things fun and of course educational.”

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