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Rice to lead CEO

Judy Rice

Rice began her career at Henry County High School in 1997 teaching a variety of courses classified under social studies such as political science, U.S. history, world civilizations, global issues, arts and humanities, civics, sociology, psychology, and more. She soon transitioned into the role of Life 101 teacher, before moving into the guidance office where she spent the last six years.

“Counseling is a passion of mine, but when this job came available, I thought about it long and hard, prayed about it long and hard, realized that I get to join my two loves again. I really missed the classroom and one-on-one counseling with kids,” Rice said. “I pushed myself really hard to learn as much as I could so I could provide the highest level of quality education to students in Henry County in the subjects I was teaching. I also have the experience in guidance counseling and will be able to offer mental health counseling to students.”

That dual background, along with her excitement about the position led administrators to choose Rice for the job.

“I believe that Ms. Rice has the knowledge, skills, and vision to continue this program in its current direction,” said HCPS Superintendent Terry Price. “Ms. Rice proved to be very excited about the opportunity and someone was needed with a strong counseling background.”

Steeped in tradition and built on many years of success, Rice said she doesn’t anticipate making any significant changes to the program right away. She does however want to increase community engagement and activism for the students, bring back Project Citizen and hopefully enroll students in a mentoring program either as mentees, mentors or both.

“I’m very excited about working with the CEO teachers, students and families. I’m very excited to start working with the students and get them out into the community,” Rice said. “Ultimately, I’m a student advocate. I was as a teacher, I was as a counselor. I’ve gone toe to toe with people to be the student advocate, and I’ll be an advocate for the students here at CEO.”

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