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On Monday, students were encouraged to wear crazy socks and “sock out” the whole idea of treating others in the wrong way. They were reminded that you should never giggle, laugh, point, whisper, or make fun of anyone. As far as social media is concerned, students were told not to “like” a post that is unkind about someone.

On Tuesday, students were reminded that everyone is unique by wearing two different shoes. Because each student is an individual, all deserve respect. Students were also encouraged to get involved in a situation in which a student might be treated in a disrespectful way.

By wearing their favorite sports team shirt with a number on it on Wednesday, students were reinforcing the idea that everyone counts and each student is a member of the team at NCES. If they happen to see a student that was being left out, students were encouraged to include them in an activity so they feel like they are part of the team, too.

On Thursday, students were asked to wear their “thinking caps” to school so they would stop and think of what to do if they see another student being bullied. By wearing their favorite caps to school, students were reminded to work on solving the problem of bullying by telling an adult.

Friday was a day to wear NCES school colors to show their unification in the fight against bullying. By standing together against bullying, students take a step closer to ending bullying at their school. Each student can play a role in solving the problem of bullying.

The week was organized by Guidance Counselor Tara Wise.

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