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Digital Citizenship

What is your digital footprint?  Do you know how to protect yourself, your identity and your reputation online?  Are you connected to the global community and do you positively contribute online?  Do you respect the rights of others when using digital media?  Are you a good digital citizen?

While every teacher should be reinforcing expectations for appropriate online communications and providing opportunities for students to practice this behavior, specific persons at each level are identified as the persons responsible for providing the formal instruction and documenting this instruction.

  • LMS/Counselors at the elementary level
  • ELA teachers at the MS and HS levels. MS and HS may decide to include other personnel, such as LMS/CTE, as long as lessons are documented.

The district recommends using Common Sense Media’s curriculum (http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/curriculum). The recommended lessons are organized by grade level at the right. The curriculum does not have to be followed lesson for lesson, as long as similar resources are used to teach the appropriate concepts.

Additional Resources:

Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan




Going Places Safely (K-2)
ABC Searching (K-2)
Keep It Private (K-2)
My Creative Work (K-2)
Sending Email (K-2)

Staying Safe Online (K-2)
Follow the Digital Trail (K-2)
Screen Out the Mean (K-2)
Using Keywords (K-2)
Sites I Like (K-2)

Powerful Passwords (K-2)
My Online Community (K-2)
Things for Sale (K-2)
Show Respect Online (K-2)
Writing Good Emails (K-2)

Rings of Responsibility (3-5)
Private and Personal Information (3-5)
The Power of Words (3-5)
The Key to Keywords (3-5)
Whose Is It, Anyway? (3-5)

Strong Passwords (3-5)
Digital Citizenship Pledge (3-5)
You've Won a Prize! (3-5)
How to Cite a Site (3-5)
Picture Perfect (3-5)

Talking Safely Online (3-5)
Super Digital Citizen (3-5)
Privacy Rules (3-5)
What's Cyberbullying? (3-5)
Selling Stereotypes (3-5)

Digital Life 101 (6-8)
Strategic Searching (6-8)
Scams and Schemes (6-8)
Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding (6-8)
A Creator's Rights (6-8)

My Media (6-8)
A Creator’s Responsibilities (6-8)
Safe Online Talk (6-8)
Which Me Should I Be? (6-8)
Gender Stereotypes Online (6-8)

Trillion Dollar Footprint (6-8)
Identifying High-Quality Sites (6-8)
Reality of Digital Drama (6-8)
Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line (6-8)
Rework, Reuse, Remix (6-8)

Digital Life 102 (9-12)
Oops! I Broadcast It on the Internet (9-12)
Copyrights and Wrongs (9-12)
Feeling On Display (9-12)
Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty (9-12)

My Online Code (9-12)
Who Are You Online? (9-12)
Building Community Online (9-12)
Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships (9-12)
Risky Online Relationships (9-12)

Rights, Remixes, and Respect (9-12)
Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying (9-12)
What’s the Big Deal about Internet Privacy? (9-12)
Becoming a Web Celeb (9-12)
College Bound (9-12)

Private Today, Public Tomorrow (9-12)
Does It Matter Who Has Your Data? (9-12)
Breaking Down Hate Speech (9-12)
Retouching Reality (9-12)
Collective Intelligence (9-12)