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NCES Implements New Lanyard Reward System

If you’ve visited NCES over the past few weeks, you may have noticed a 3rd/4th/5th grade student wearing a New Castle Elementary lanyard around their neck.  Not that uncommon right? But, you might be asking yourself, “what do those colored cards mean hanging on the lanyard?”  As a staff, we recognized how many wonderful things our students do, both academically and socially.  So, we decided to create a reward system that was visible for us and tangible for our students.  Every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade student was given an NCES lanyard to wear everyday while in the building.  Attached to those lanyards, students are able to earn a number of different colored cards for their achievements.  Below is a list of the colors and their meanings:

Blue Card:  Distinguished score on last year's KPREP test

Green Card:  Proficient score on last year's KPREP test

Yellow Card:  Met benchmark on MAP test

Purple Card:  Growth of 10+ points on MAP from fall to winter

Red Card:  Demonstrating one of the 7-habits

White Card:  Met preset MAP goal

Orange Card:  Perfect attendance for a 9-week period

Brown Card:  Good faith effort on KPREP scrimmage test

Black Card:  Behavior

Gold Card:  Given to students who achieve at least seven different colored cards


Monthly, students wil get to participate in a reward based on the number of cards they've accumluated!



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