Henry County Public Schools part of group garnering $40 million Race to the Top - District Grant

Henry County Public Schools is excited to be part of a Kentucky consortium that has been awarded a Race to the Top District Grant valued at over $40 million.  The grant is titled “kid FrienDLy” which stands for Kids Focused, Responsible, Imaginative, Engaged and Determined to Learn. 

Districts included in the grant are:  Adair, Campbellsville, Carroll, Caverna,  Cloverport, Daviess, Green, Hart, Henry, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Owen, Owensboro, Russell, Shelby,  Simpson, Spencer, Taylor, Trimble, Union, and West Point. 

The districts in the consortia are members of the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative and the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative;  they include 22 districts, 112 schools, and 59,300 students. 

One component of the grant includes developing students as leaders. 

  • The schools will work to develop student capacity in goal-setting, teamwork, critical thinking, and more.
  •  Students will begin to see the relevance of what they are doing related to their career goals at the elementary level.
  •  Accept opportunities to identify and pursue areas of personal passion at the middle school level.
  • Build career skills to become college and career-ready at both the middle and high school levels.


School leaders will continue to improve their leadership abilities through a blended model of learning.

  • Focusing on developing the school leaders' ability to lead change and to make decisions based on data.
  • Principals will lead school-level Data Teams to shift thinking about seat time vs. mastery.
  •   Improving grading practices, accelerated learning, fluid response to intervention and blended learning opportunities. 

 There will be instructional support for teachers (Professional Development and coaching) in:

  • K-2 reading
  •  Math (all levels)
  •  Thinking strategies
  •   CIITS training
  •  Use of Preschool Pals for centers and families

Each school will develop a Personalized Learning Plan

  • Implement new places to learn (Wi-Fi on buses, meeting rooms, off-site experiences
  • Implement new ways to learn (flipped classrooms)
  • Help students learn what they need to learn (WIN-Learning or other software)
  • Address the needs of students in poverty (FRYSC support, PD).

The goals and objectives of the grant are “ If we empower, enable and expect kids of all ages to accept responsibility for their own purposeful learning, … and provide teachers and leaders the tools, training and embedded support to shift instruction to a more kid-friendly, competency-based model focused on the mastery of standards rather than seat time,… then we will see an increase in the number of students performing at/above benchmark on college/career and other readiness measures as well as accelerating their own learning and persisting toward a post-school purpose,… which will result in increased numbers of college and/or career-ready graduates who will be successful in their chosen endeavors.”

Direct dollars to the district will include project staff that will be in the district providing services and materials.  Project staff includes College and Career Ready Counselors, Cognitive Coaches, Preschool Pals, and Leader Mentors.  Materials that will be provided include some technology, preschool curricula and books, software related to CCR instruction, Wi-Fi equipment, and  FRYSC stipends for student needs.  Services provided to the district will include professional development on Thinking Strategies, working with students from poverty, Leadership, Math and Reading (K-12), Student Engagement, Cognitive Coaching, Preschool (for preschools, daycares, and families).  Overall benefit to the district is approximately $1.6 million.





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