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Literacy Resources

Strategies for Struggling Readers

Close Reading/Text Complexity

5 Components of Quality Literacy



Workshop Model Breakdown

Workshop Model - 2 example links

Conferring Podcast with Patrick Allen

The Difference Between Conferring and Touching Base

Workshop Model Professional Reading

Comprehension Strategy Sequence - Jessamine County Schools

Lab Classroom Observation Tool

Lesson Crafting / Mini-Lesson

Matrices for ELA and Mathematics

Thinking Strategies Posters in Color



General Resources for Teachers [Evidence Based]

Visible Learning for Teachers [Hattie Work]

Student Goal Assignment Record

Protocol for Looking at Student Work:  Quality Work Lens - Dr. Carmen Coleman

Grading and Assessment.....A Different Approach - Dr. Tom Guskey / Standards-Based Grading

Classroom Questioning at Higher Levels


Cornell Notes - Matrices for Organizing Writing / Work Projects

Cornell Notes


Web Resources Recommended

Achieve the Core -

ASCD - EduCore - Tools for Teaching the Common Core -

DifferentiationCentral -

CoreTools -

Literacy Design Collaborative -

Additional Info

Workshop Model Powerpoints

Workshop Model - Henry County Schools Presentation

Workshop Model in Reading - Kasey Anderson, Oldham County Schools

Educational Articles of Interest

Willing to be Disturbed - A great article that may change your thinking

Deeper Learning

Engaging Math

Guided Reading

Memory and Students - Outstanding quick read on students' memory