October 19th – 23rd is National School Bus Safety Week


October 19th – 23rd is National School Bus Safety Week.  Henry County Public Schools will be using this opportunity to bring greater awareness to students of the importance of bus safety.  We want to first recognize those individuals who are the front line of bus safety.  They are our bus technicians, drivers, monitors and administrative staff who work tirelessly to provide students a safe ride to and from school and other school activities.  Statistically, there is no safer way for a student to travel than on a school bus.  We should all take a moment during this time to thank them for what they do.


Another group of individuals who contribute greatly to bus safety awareness is our teachers and principals.  During this School Bus Safety Week, teachers from across the district will be doing activities with their students to promote greater awareness and develop safe practices.  However, since this is a team effort, we would be remiss if we didn’t also mention the efforts of parents and students’ to promote bus safety.  Parents’ encouragement and support to follow bus rules as well as the student’s cooperation to follow and model them is a key factor in providing safe bus transportation.

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